Hypnotherapy And Phobia's

A Phobia is a marked and persistent fear of a specific object or situation for example, "animals, bugs, heights, elevators, bridges, flying, driving, seeing blood, receiving an injection, dentists, crowds, stores" that is excessive, unreasonable, irrational, and exaggerated for the person to handle. When a person has a phobia, the fear is totally out of their control. It is so deeply set in the subconscious  that it overpowers all normal thoughts and behaviours' when it is triggered.

The most common Phobias include:Phobis Cure With Hypnosis

Animal or Insects:  spiders, wasps, mice, bees, snakes etc.

Fear of Flying:  25% of the population at one time in their life will get anxious when flying.

Fear of death or Illness: In its worst form, sufferers become housebound from their fear.

Claustrophobia:  This is one of the most common phobias around today.

Dentist or Doctor:  This kind of fear can lead to medical neglect.

 There are two types of Phobias direct and indirect. Both are symptoms of pent up emotions, formed differently and need to be treated differently.

 Direct phobia is when the person has experienced the emotion of being frightened but prefers to forget about it and tries to overcome the emotion of the fear. However, when they experience a similar event, fear erupts again.

Indirect phobia is caused when one has been anxious on several other occasions, over a long period of time.

 Hypnosis treatment for phobias You can use hypnosis treatment by understanding the nature of both hypnotherapy and the phobia. You have to know the reason of your fear you have. Hypnosis will not only enable to lessen the effect of phobia but can even cure phobias forever.

Hypnosis Regression, To use hypnotherapy for phobias treatment, the individual requires a deep state of hypnosis to be taken back in time where forgotten memories are recalled. This procedure is known as regression. Once the conscious mind is aware of the repressed memory the person can deal with the past event with more understanding.