Past Lives Regression With Hypnosis


Past life regression is the  journey into past lives while hypnotized. A past life regression is unmediated revelation through hypnosis usually assisted by a regression therapist using hypnotherapy. Given that reincarnation is probable, it should be possible for anyone to recall having lived before. Hypnosis is an ideal vehicle for accessing these memories while you're in hypnosis. During a hypnotic regression session, you will be able to explore experiences and relationships from other past lives, while learning about your strengths and weaknesses that you have brought forward with you in this life. You can find out if your close Hypnosis Past Livesfriends or family members may have shared other life times with you.


You may even discover how past choices may be affecting your present life now. Through past life regressions it explores several life times relating to an issue that may be in your life now that is of interest or concern, whether it has to do with unexplained dreams or visions,  phobias fear of death or chronic problems of no apparent origin, or relationships or issues with others. As a result of hypnosis you will understand where the issues arise from so that you can change the direction in your life you may find that physical or emotional problems are often healed.